Full Stack Web Developer in Atlanta, GA at HUNTER Technical Resources

Date Posted: 1/25/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Full Stack Web Developer
Atlanta, GA

- Regularly shipping quality code into the wild. (finish work matters)
- Creating full features, relatively unsupervised. (we' re all adults here)
- Maintaining high quality code through constructive peer review. (no know-it-all' s allowed)
- Prioritizing customer experience above all else. (they are why we' re here)
- Pushing to constantly improve your craft. (always be learning)
- Collectively taking ownership & pride in the product. (no silos)

Also,  tech stack looks like this:
- They develop mostly in Ruby and JavaScript, but care more about software engineering concepts than specific language wars.
- They do continuous deployment to production, which means.
- They write good tests. Not tests for the sake of tests, but tests that help them think out code design and protect themselves from regression and ultimately move faster.
- They run everything on AWS OpsWorks. If you haven' t used it, its great. Think Heroku had a baby with EC2.
- They have a service-oriented design. They have 2 main products, but ~7 other service apps to support them and an internal API to connect them. It allows them to keep codebases smaller, optimize more specifically, and explore new technologies with isolation.
- They are mostly a Postgres shop, though one of their services uses Elasticsearch. Right tool for the job.

Finally, why work at our client instead of somewhere else? Good question:
- You will become part of an amazing culture with a supportive CEO and smart teammates who actually care.
- Our client is cash-flow positive and enjoy being lean and mean.
- You will get to work and hang out at Atlanta Tech Village.
- They like to automate everything, except you of course.
- You will work with other amazing developers you can learn from and teach.
- They pay well, but probably won' t be your highest offer.
- You will experience joining at a high-growth/high-traction inflection point, as we have gone from $200, 000 ARR and 30 clients in January to $3.3 million ARR and 593 clients in September.
- They have challenging projects using modern technology.
- You will grow more than you would anywhere else.